Mahindra Gusto 125 2016 Bike Review, Price and Pictures

Mahindra Gusto 125 is newly launched bike with 125cc engine displacement and it is looking like older model Gusto 110 which was launched by Mahindra. It is not much different than that model and if you choose same color, it will be very difficult to differentiate between them. But new Mahindra Gusto 125 coming with dual toned color scheme which makes it some different than 2016 Mahindra Gusto 110cc.

different colors of mahindra Gusto 2016 model

Knocking the details of both the Gusto bikes, they seem relatively related separately from only sharing the name. However, the Mahindra Gusto 125 has reserved some of the exciting features like remote flip key, height modifiable seat, guide lamp, find-me lamp and quick storage section right under the speedometer. Even many of Mahindra Gusto 125 specifications such as Wheelbase, fuel tank capacity, ground clearance, saddle height, wheel size, brakes at both ends, headlamps, dimensions, frame, suspension and battery are same like previous model.

You will feel that Mahindra Gusto 125cc 2016 contains nice, cosy and flexible seat to provide you complete comfort while driving. Just push start button to start the bike and sound of engine makes you think of engine improvement which is made in it. Once you start riding on Mahindra Gusto 125, you will never feel any difference between 110cc and they both look like brothers from same mother. Newer model offers you 15 cc extra engine displacement, 0.5 BHP of additional power, 1Nm gain but all other things are same.

Tyre of Gusto 125 2016

Power delivery of Mahindra Gusto 125cc is linear and it is not designed to respond to twisting and throttling immediately. You will feel this thing when you will try to overtake any bike like Innova that twisting and throttling is not enough. Engine of the scooter is well refined but it has not capability to change the game at all.

It is more surprising that scooter has very comfortable and smooth drive on 80Km/h and you can note it on speedometer while driving. This is because 12 inch wheels of 2016 Mahindra Gusto 125 that make use of telescopic forks at front. This is light weight bike and you can easily throw it in any corner of the ground. Most amazing thing in it is brilliant suspension. You are able to take good pictures while ferrying on road from one end to other end while riding on Mahindra Gusto 125.

blue gusto 2016 by mahindra

In short, if you want to upgrade to bigger scooter from a smaller one, this is not best choice in my opinion. If you have any bike like Gusto 110 and you are listening about Mahindra Gusto 125 and want to upgrade than you should go through my article which shows you that it will not be good option. You will just get a bike with double color scheme at all because both scooters have not more much difference.

Gusto 125 headlights

But if you want new scooter with new enhancements and double color scheme than you should go for it. You will get an automatic bike in form of Mahindra Gusto 125 and it has some more enhancements like fuel cap is not under the seat to save you from annoyance of getting off the scooter at every refiling. It contains also USB charging socket right under the rider’s seat which is plus point. You will get some others features such as adjustable seat height, guide lamp, find-me lamp and a quick storage section. These are attraction points to make your life easy in some way.

mahindra Gusto 125's speedometer

Price of The Mahindra Gusto 125 includes two modes DX and VX which are accessible in 48,410 and 52,410 rupees. Both of them launched in 2016 and available in market for your purchasing. You can check more details at here.


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