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PNG logo for Cortana Cortana-APK is free android personal assistant by Microsoft. Download Cortana APK (, sync your Interests, schedule, reminders and people on PC and android phone. All you needed stuff is not far from you which is existing in your device’s memory. With Cortana APK assistant, you can set a reminder for any task from PC or smartphone, can make an appointment, can open any application or can send emails simply. With android personal assistant, you will also be able to search anything which you need and it will be shown to you within seconds. Cortana is just not designed as productivity application but it has ability to connect you with someone with chatting. This is the app which has surprising answers to all of your questions. So let’s learn more about Cortana APK app which is described in following features and it is better to understand it before downloading.

From PC and mobile phone, you will be able to get or send location or time reminders with Cortana APK

Get notification on PC when your phone has a missed call and reply direct from your computer with help of android assistant

Cortana APK also helps you to track scores, packages, stocks, flights and other important info form mobile phone

Organize, edit and view your interest with android assistant’s notebook

Receive surprising answers to all of your question by Cortana app for android and find best solutions

Turn your free to funny moments by asking anything to this app, read joke and look for many other things
You can have a look on complete description, detailed features, screenshots and more information about APK at Google Play Store.

Size of android assistant: 39.1 MB

Current Version of Cortana APK:

Android OS Required: 4.4 & up

Screenshots and pictures of Cortana:


Cortana APK is now briefly described before you and it is clear that you are lacking a personal assistant like it. Android assistant has too many things to do for you from smartphones and tablets. You can set a reminder for any task from PC or smartphone, can make an appointment, can open any application or can send emails simply with it. Cortana android assistant also answers all of your questions and can make your free time more funny. If you are in search of an impressing and Cortana APK then don’t wait any more and download android assistant by clicking on following free links. You are absolutely free to drop comments below for telling us about your experience with Cortana APK for android and that will be good feedback to us. Download your Cortana APK android APK app and make some fun.

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